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Thursday, Sept. 10 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET Shift to Green with Biogas Each year, the number of companies and industries that recognize the benefits of biogas increases. Today, we feature two prominent ones: Anheuser-Busch and IndyCar's Steinbrenner Andretti Racing. Anheuser-Busch just made a major announcement to fuel their fleet with renewable natural gas made from biogas and will discuss how they decided biogas and RNG needed to be a key part of their corporate strategy. Last year, ABC introduced Steinbrenner Andretti Racing to the high octane and wide-reaching benefits of biogas. They won’t switch the race cars yet, but enormous opportunities exist to power the venues, camps, and hospitality areas with renewable, biogas power, plus recycling food waste and fueling the heavy duty transports that move the race circuit around the country. In both cases, shifting to green energy helps to attract new customers and fans, and that means new revenue.
  • Bernie Sheff, Montrose Environmental Group
  • Mark Young, Anheuser-Busch
  • George Steinbrenner IV Steinbrenner, Andretti Racing
Tuesday, Sept. 15 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET Corporate Carbon Challenge: How to buy renewable thermal energy As a recent reporter put it, "this carbon challenge is bigger than cars, aviation and shipping combined." Companies need to make their thermal energy needs low or zero carbon, and one of the only solutions is biogas or RNG. More and more companies today realize that they need biogas or RNG to lower their carbon footprint and keep customers satisfied. This panel will reveal what that market looks like today and how industry has organized to make biogas/RNG purchases for thermal energy easier, auditable, and trackable.
  • Ben Gerber, M-RETS
  • Rachael Terada*, Center for Resource Solutions
  • Bill Townsend*, Bluesource
  • Mittal Monani, Direct Energy
  • Stephanie Meyn, Port of Seattle
  • Peter Weisberg, 3Degrees
Tuesday, Sept. 15 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET Cutting Corporate Carbon Footprints with Biogas and RNG As a company, to reduce your carbon footprint, most turn first to renewable electricity, which, in addition to solar and wind, the biogas industry can deliver. But what about companies that need low carbon heat? Or vehicle fuel? RNG from biogas has an extremely attractive low or negative carbon profile. Learn why these companies have made a commitment to purchase biogas, why they did it, and what kind of an impact it’s having on their business. Kelly Sarber, Strategic Management Group
Thursday, Sept. 17 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET The Next Growth Opportunities in the RNG Market (presented by AGA) Thanks to lucrative policies, the RNG marketing is booming. But how long will that boom last and where will the growth be next? Importantly, what is the role of gas utilities for RNG? Are the purchasing the gas directly or just providing delivery to gas customers? Thomas Murray, VGS | Emily O'Connell, American Gas Association | Erica Larson, Centerpoint | Angus King, Summit Utilities | Mary Moerlins*, NW Natural | Bryan Nudelbacher, US Gain
Thursday, Sept. 17 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET Achieving Routine RNG Interconnection Processes for Utilities (presented by AGA) RNG interconnection started in 1982 but has experienced a strong acceleration in recent years, mostly thanks to policy. Still, only 100 projects have connected to the natural gas grid. What can be done to make interconnection more routine for utilities and what can the utilities with little experience with RNG learn from those who do?
  • Don Chahbazpour,National Grid
  • Bob Wilson*, Northeast Gas Association
  • Robin Lanier*, Southern Company
  • Brad Huxter*, Greenlane Biogas
  • Bill Jorgenson, Vanguard Renewables
  • Heather Dziedzic*, Consumers Energy
  • Tom O'Rourke*, Eversource
Tuesday, Sept. 22 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET Managing Animals & Energy: Swine, Dairy, Poultry & Beef Dairy farms aren't the only agricultural operations clammering to turn their manure into biogas. The hog and poultry industries are beginning to see a boom in biogas system development. What's driving this renaissance and what are the biggest challenges for farmers to manage both their animal operations and renweable energy production? Bryan Sievers*, AgriReNew | Steve Dvorak, DVO | Kraig Westerbek*, Smithfield | Alex Ringler, Ringler Energy/Renergy | Garth Boyd, The Context Network | Steve Levitsky*, Perdue
Tuesday, Sept. 22 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET Healthy Soil, Healthy Business The digested material from anaerobic digesters is the industry's most undervalued asset. But nutrient runoff, converting brownfield sites, and burgeoning markets for organically produced soil products are changing that. Learn from the companies who are on the leading edge and are creating healthy businesses from creating healthy soil. Mark Stoermann, Newtrient | Rudi Roeslein*, Roeslein Alternative Energy | Ernie Audet, BlueSpruce | Andrew White, CHAR Technologies | Katherine Poterfield*, University of Vermont, Magic Dirt | Jason Feldman*, Green Era | Pat Hirl*, Montrose Environmental Group
Thursday, Sept. 24 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET The Rising Renewable Gas Market: H2, RNG, P2G The renewable gas industry includes much more than biogas and renewable natural gas. Markets have emerged for renewable hydrogen and several different ways to connect biogas, hydrogen, and excess solar/wind under the umbrella of power-to-gas. Where is the market growing fastest and where will the next opportunities be? Emanuel Wagner, California Hydrogen Business Council | Josh Eichman, NREL | Tanya Peacock*, SoCalGas | Charles Love, Trillium
Thursday, Sept. 24 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET Biogas' Role on the Path to Electrification In the search for lower carbon energy, environmentalists and policymakers are driving the creation of narrow, electricity-only policies. However, real life is more complicated than these simple policies, especially when one looks closely at the transit, trucking, waste management, and state regulations. What role should renewable natural gas play? Can it help if the path to 100% electrification continues? Cliff Gladstein, GNA | Richard Meyer, American Gas Association | Eric Ihlenfeld*, Hometown Bioenergy | Brian Paganini*, Quantum BioPower | Ross Buckenham*, CalBio
Tuesday, Sept. 29 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET Evaluating Project Risk and Derisking O&M for Reliable Production How does the industry derisk projects through best practices, safety, and operations and maintenance? How risky is policy? As the biogas market continues to expand, more financiers and underwriters are entering the market. All of them need to evaluate how risky a biogas project might be to price their services. And in parallel, how can the industry respond to derisk projects and offer solutions that might avoid the need for a costly performance guarantee from an EPC? Lauren Toretta, CH4 Biogas | Chris Maloney, Eisenmann | Tom Bachman, Symbiont | Raimund Grube, Equilibrium Capital | Jordan Solomon, EcoStrat | Brentan Alexander, New Energy Risk
Tuesday, Sept. 29 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET Strategies to Finance the Next 100 Biogas Projects In an actively moderated discussion with experienced CEOs, banks, and equity investors, this session dives deal structuring and strategies that will create a stronger return profile than even simpler renewable energy projects. The speakers will cover utilizing incentives alongside traditional project finance, deal structures, how to handle contracted cash flows and counterparties, structuring offtake agreements, performance guarantees, O&M agreements, sharing risk, and managing variable output. Mike Land, Baker Tilly | Bob Powell*, Brightmark | Brad Douville, Greenlane Biogas | Bill Tyndall*, NLC Energy LLC | David Maxwell*, Sustainable Development Capital LLP | Max Vernier, Live Oak Bank
Thursday, Oct. 1 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET RIN Value & LCFS Outlook for 2020 The California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and federal Renewable Fuel Standard are driving project development in the biogas industry today. In this session, our experts will use their best analytical tools, industry intelligence and crystal balls to tell you what they expect to see over the next several months with both of these programs so you can plan your business strategy to reap the benefits. Ryan Gach*, Waste Management | Mark Torresani*, Tetra Tech | Brad Pleima*, EcoEngineers | Jeff Rosenfeld*, ICF | Julia Levin, Bioenergy Association of California
Thursday, Oct. 1 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET Off-takers & Brokers: Who Do You Need to Make the Sale? For most RNG policies, like the LCFS and RFS, you have to get your gas from your biogas system to vehicles. But what happens in between? If you have too many steps in the middle, profits decrease. But those in the middle provide important value that can save you time and increase the final price paid for your gas. This session will cover a variety of different business models that can work for you, reflecting the wide variety of biogas systems in development, so you can pick what works best for you. Andy Dvoracek, AMP Americas | Derek Six, ClimeCo | Ben Hubbard*, Nexus PMG | Frank Starr, Energy Systems Group

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