Point System for Exhibitors

The following Point System will be utilized for determining the order of exhibit space selection for BIOGAS AMERICAS following the current year’s event.

Sponsoring/Exhibiting companies will earn both Perpetual and Annual points within the Point System.

Perpetual Points– 5 points earned per year for exhibiting. These points are cumulative and will remain associated with the company in perpetuity*.

Annual Points – Awarded for all money spent on American Biogas Council events in the year starting on the last day of the previous BIOGAS AMERICAS conference until 30 days before the next BIOGAS AMERICAS conference. For 2024 selection, that includes any ABC events taking place between May 26, 2022 and April 18, 2023. For 2025 selection, that will include any money spent between May 18, 2023 and April 16, 2024. 

  • 5 points for membership in current year (membership is paid for 2023)
  • 2 points earned per 10’x10’ booth space in current year (for BIOGAS AMERICAS 2023 conference)
  • 1 point per $2,500 in sponsorship, promotional support in current year (based on dates above)

Annual Points are not cumulative and are only utilized for determining booth space selection order for that year’s booth sales and are deleted from the Point System totals once booth space selection order is determined. For example, if a company earned 50 Annual Points for dollars spent on BIOGAS AMERICAS 2023 sponsorship, once booth space selection order is determined for BIOGAS AMERICAS 2024 these 50 points are no longer included in the point system. Only the 10 points per year of exhibiting within the Perpetual Points are kept in the point system year to year.

Mergers/Acquisitions: Companies are not allowed to combine Perpetual Point Totals. When two companies merge or one company acquires another, the company with the highest Priority Point Total will retain the use of this number and the company with the lowest Priority Point Total will forfeit its Point number.

*Loss of Points: Any exhibiting company who does not exhibit with BIOGAS AMERICAS for two consecutive years will forfeit all Perpetual Points. Should the company return after that two-year period then they will start accumulating points from zero.

Point Award: BIOGAS AMERICAS staff will calculate the Perpetual Points and current year Annual Points (30) days prior to current year open date of BIOGAS AMERICAS to determine priority for booth selection for the following years event.

Tie Breakers: If the total points between exhibitors are equal, a tie breaker will be decided by the following:
1. Membership join date
2. Continuity of years exhibiting
3. Number of years exhibiting
4. Alphabetical Order by Parent Company name

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